Coppice is a three-point Attack/Defend map for Team Fortress 2. It was mostly developed over summer 2021 in only a month and a half - the final leg of the six-month Rule of Threes Contest! Despite the short production time, the map managed to place fourth (as RO3pont, as it was not named at the time) - not bad, all things considered! Final adjustments were made after the contest, with the map finishing development in late November 2021.

The map features a distinctive tight spiral layout; the routes to B are within the bridge spanning over the approach to A, leading to A and B points being almost on top of one another.


Development of C, the final control point, through whitebox versions.


Coppice was my first time developing an attack/defend map the whole way through, and I learned a lot about player flow and designing chokepoints. Prior to Coppice I had also experimented with a few other attack/defend control point maps, but they were short-lived, only making it through a handful of whitebox versions.

This map was also my first time working with alpine theming. I think I did a pretty good job! It was considered one of the prettier maps in the contest.


The route from control point A to B. Getting this to play decently without being an impassable choke took a lot of work! It took some tinkering after the contest to get it just right.


As the contest playtesting period went on, players grew familiar with the map, so the balance shifted in unexpected ways as new strategies emerged.

I set to work fixing up areas that became very imbalanced with experienced players, while still retaining map balance with less experienced teams. Environment material progression between A and B also saw improvement; both were all-wood structures, and had felt kind of samey.

Overall, I'm extremely proud of Coppice. It plays nicely, and looks great too.

A full development log is available on TF2Maps, linked below.

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