Hades is a halloween Capture the Flag map for Team Fortress 2 incorporating custom game mechanics, uniquely set in the greek underworld along the shores of the styx. Development started in mid-2020 as part of TF2Maps.net's annual 72hr Jam event.

I created the initial whitebox from an overhead sketch drawn by the Hades team lead. From there the whitebox was iterated upon, making sure we could get the gameplay as good as we could to compliment the map's custom mechanics.


Mid through whitebox iterations


Eight whitebox (alpha) iterations of the map were made (one internal, rolled into the first artpassed beta version) over the course of the following year, improving the layout based on both playtester feedback and observing recorded gameplay demos.

Mid and the approaches to its various routes saw lots of changes, balancing out the inherent advantage of a high ground against other routes, as well as making sure they weren't too easy for a flag courier (who in Hades is slowed and defenseless) to escape without their team to support them.


Flag room through whitebox iterations


Like the rest of the map, the flag rooms also saw heavy iteration. First more complex geometry was needed to make the area interesting, and later an extra approach at the front and a flanking tunnel to the rear of the room were added to solve issues of easy holds through the single closest doorway.

Besides a large contribution to the layout, I also worked on a majority of entity scripting, ambient soundscapes, optimisation, and some additional level art.

Playtesting hades with a full server of 24 players has been an absolute blast. The layout is a ton of fun and compliments the map's bespoke mechanics, leading to - according to playtesters - a fantastic experience. I'm extremely proud of my contributions to this project.

A full development log is available on TF2Maps, linked below.

View Hades on TF2Maps.net

View on TF2Maps.net

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View on the Steam Workshop


Check out the rest of the Hades team, too:

Yrrzy - Project Lead, Level Design, Concepts, Particles, Logic, Audio, and 2D Art

Pont (That's me!) - Level Design, Logic, Additional Environment Art

Freyja - Environment Art, Map Models, Map Textures

Diva Dan - Gameplay Models, Map Models

DJB2401 - Concepts, Additional Models

Barno - Character Models