I contributed a sizeable combat section to Mule, a large Half-Life 2 map for the Map Labs contest, The Grid. In Mule the player explores three paths, collecting weapons to arm the resistance.

My segment of this map is in the firefight combat focused path, taking place over a courtyard, adjoining garage, and apartment block - the latter repurposed into a labyrinth of a stronghold.


The turret locking down the second floor, forcing the player to continue upwards and circle around.


The segment finishes with the player taking control of a heavy gun turret that previously blocked their path and a large cache of energy ball ammo (which is powerful and rare), fighting off a wave of the last enemies in the building. Against the turret and well-armed player they stand no chance - it's a gratifying conclusion to the segment, and makes sure the player's well-stocked before the arena fight finale of that path.

My little piece of Mule was favourably received and considered quite fun by players. I enjoyed the freedom of crafting a singleplayer experience compared to the lofty requirements of PvP multiplayer levels.

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Check out the rest of the Mule team, too:

Ian 'Idolon' Spadin - Project Lead, Level Design, Scripting

Pont (That's me!) - Additional Level Design, Additional Scripting

Yrrzy - Additional Level Design, Additional Scripting

Sam Ricker - Voice Acting