Spellway is a halloween King of the Hill map for Team Fortress 2 set in an estate in the lake district, former home to an eccentric aristocrat turned mad scientist. Development started in spring 2020 re-artpassing another map of mine, Spillway, with the goal of so drastically retheming it that it was almost unrecognisable as the same layout.

Development of the layout began in summer 2019 with the original Spillway, seeing eighteen whitebox iterations. Spillway was my first custom map for TF2 - I learned a ton while developing it, from tools workflow to TF2 gameplay and level design theory. One particularly important lesson was that fixing large layout issues leads to uncovering smaller ones that were previously overshadowed - the spawnrooms were too close to mid for a long time, but it was never a big issue until mid started playing well.


Mid through whitebox iterations. This part of the map saw a lot of experimentation.


This project was an ambitious undertaking and I learned a lot, exploring new visual themes and how to extensively recontextualise a gameplay space.

With Spellway I also worked on introducing custom mechanics through entity scripting for the first time, keeping them balanced and not intruding on core gameplay while still adding unique twists to the player experience.


Manor exterior concept, and result in-editor.


I gained experience turning ideas and concept art into something tangible.


The same areas in both Spillway and Spellway, for comparison.


The development of Spellway gave me valuable experience with scripting, detailing, and working alongside others on large projects. These would prove useful for other projects later, like Hades.

A full development log is available on TF2Maps, linked below.

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View on TF2Maps.net

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View on the Steam Workshop


Check out the rest of the Spellway team, too:

Pont (That's me!) - Project Lead, Level Design, Logic, Environment Art, Concept Art

Kimberly Riswick - Map Assets

Yrrzy - Particles, 2D Art, Optimisation Help, Concept Art